The Neusiok Trail

Pronounced New..See..Ock

The Neusiok Trail in the Croatan National Forest was originally laid out in 1971 by the Carteret County Wildlife Club. The Club maintains the Trail with occasional help from the U.S. Forest Service, Boy Scouts and other volunteers. Maintenance includes bridge building, constructing shelters, weed wacking, and re-marking.

The trail is 21.5 miles long (some sites mistakenly list it as being 26 or 30 miles) and is a point to point trail. It starts/ends in the north in Craven County at the Pine Cliffs Recreation Area and starts/ends in the south in Carteret County at Oyster Point.

While the over all trail is 21.5 miles long, it crosses several roads allowing hikers to plan and hike the trail in sections.

There are three shelters along the trail.

Copperhead Landing... about 3.5 miles south from the Pine Cliffs Recreation Area trail head. This shelter overlooks Cahoogue Creek

Dogwood Camp... 0.75 miles south / east from Hwy 101. This shelter is located in a stand of mixed Pines and hardwoods

Blackjack Lodge... 0.75 miles north / west from Mill Creek Road. This shelter has a great view of a stand of Long Leaf Pines

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